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Ben gets into the Preservation Room with Dr. Chase's password ("Valley Forge") and stands before the Declaration. Just then, Ian's group cuts the security feed, disrupting Riley's video.

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wanda platform bed

Our Wanda Platform Bed includes an attached storage bench and is an ideal space-saving solution for small apartments.

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paul platform bed

The simple silhouette and intricate wood grain of our Paul Platform Bed add warmth and polish to just about any room (without trying too hard).

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jennifer platform bed

The sleek and sturdy Jennifer Metal Framed Desk is available in three easy-to-match colors and comes in different sizes so you’ll have no problem finding one that fits your specific


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Yes. You may apply for a refund if you do not want to install the CPSC approved retrofit kit. Please send a refund request to retrofit@zinusinc.com to do so. Proof of purchase of a new bunk bed & disposal will be required before a refund can be issued. Bunk beds purchased as used will be offered a retrofit kit only. If you decline to use the bracket kit and opt for a refund, you are representing that you have discontinued the use of your bunk bed.

Affected products include the Zinus Craig Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed , Zinus Aileene Easy Assembly Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed, and Zinus Quick Lock Metal Bunk Bed in Navy. All other Zinus bunk beds are unaffected, and do not require a bracket kit for continued use.

All bunk beds are built to support a maximum weight of 175 lbs on the bottom bunk, and 175 lbs on the top bunk. Exceeding the weight limits can put undue stress on the framework, compromising the bed’s structure and overall safety.

No. We do not recommend continued use of your bunk bed without installing the CPSC approved kit. For your safety, we highly advise using the retrofit kit and instructions to reinforce the top bunk before using this product again.

Recently, a select few of our Zinus bunk beds were found to have some compromised parts, which have potential to make the top bunk unstable. To correct the fault, we are issuing a repair kit with brackets made to reinforce the affected areas. We strongly advise installing the provided brackets before continuing to use the bunk bed.

In order to receive a refund, we recommend disposing of your bunk bed at any local disposal center in your area. Some organizations will even provide free pickup for large furniture disposals.

When your bed is collected, or when you drop it off, be sure to ask for a disposal receipt with the address and contact number of the place of disposal. Alternatively, a photo of the bunk bed being disposed of (shown in a dumpster or other trash receptacle) or retrieved from your possession may also be acceptable as proof of disposal. Please note that Zinus is not responsible for any incurred charges during the disposal process.

Once obtained, your proof of disposal should be emailed to retrofit@zinusinc.com. Upon receipt and review of your disposal confirmation, we will process your refund.



Our five foams

Zinus Comfort Foam®

This foam provides cloud-like comfort when combined with our memory foam, or all by itself. With one even layer of soft foam you'll feel consisten support without sinking in too deep.

Zinus Comfort Foam®

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