Image of a bed centered on a mattress scene


Live in wonder.

Welcome to the world of wonder—where mattresses are marshmallows and bed frames snap together in seconds, where you can order up a magical night of sleep or place to rest your feet. And it all arrives expertly packed at your door. Welcome to Zinus.

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Image of a bed centered on a mattress scene with a waterfall behind it.

Whatever your sleep style we've got a mattress for you.

Everyone deserves a magical night of sleep, so we design products for sweaty sleepers, spread-out sleepers, guest-room sleepers, tiny-kid sleepers, and roll-up-in-a-ball sleepers.

See how Zinus designs for you

Design for all.

We don't believe in ONE bed for every sleeper. The world is built on variety, and our goal is to create something wonderful for everyone. We've researched all kinds of sleepers and created the perfect bed combo for you, and you, and you. Choose from cooling gel for sweaty sleepers to foam for easy-to-wake sleepers to coils for sleepers who like to feel cradled by strong and sturdy.

Image of a bed centered on a mattress scene with a waterfall behind it.

Your house's
happy place.

The key to creating a living space you love is finding a sofa you love. Because it's not the walls that make the home, it's the cushiony objects you put within those walls.

Image of a bed centered on a mattress scene with a waterfall behind it.

We’re not done until it’s wonderful.

Some say we're perfectionists. We have one high standard: we don't release our products until we would want to receive them on our own doorsteps. They must be easy to assemble, beautifully made, and totally affordable.

Our process to wonder

Goodbye middle.
Hello wonder.

It started as a dream. Beautiful beds and bases that pop together. Marshmallow-like mattresses that fit snugly into easy-open boxes. All at a price that makes you want to brag about the deal you got. For this, we knew we had to own the entire production process—from the factory to the warehouse—removing the middleman so we could perfect every detail ourselves. Yes, we’re controlling. But it brings you wonder. Right to your door.

Image of a bed centered on a mattress scene with a waterfall behind it.

Questions? We’ve got answers (not just fluffy ones).

Feedback? We’re listening. Praise? Why, thank you.

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Tell us anything.

We read every single email, comment, and review. Then we use each one to better our products. Something you write can help the next guy, so please tell us what you think. For answer-seekers, we've collected our most common questions and answered them all, so check out the FAQ section if you'd like a lightning-speed response.


Tales from the Box

Watch and experience the wonder of having new furniture shipped right to your door. Featuring the Cooling Gel Mattress, Modern Classic Platform Bed and a Mid-Century Sofa.