About Us

We like to think we’re in the business of creating harmony. It’s why we make some of the comfiest mattresses you can sleep on and ship them straight to your door. Plus, we infuse them with natural ingredients like green tea, olive oil and charcoal, to eliminate harmful phthalates, chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde. Meaning you can sleep with a peace of mind! In addition to fitting fluffy mattresses into wonder-filled packages, we also deliver stylish, comfy and easy-to-assemble bed frames and sofas. Our flair for the efficient lets us provide all of these quality products at a price we're proud of (most of our bestselling items are under $500). We are here to design tiny reminders that life is good.

What we stand for

  • Evolution

    We’re constantly looking for ways to improve. Our customers inspire us. Our employees inspire us. That one guy who wrote an entire novel for his Amazon review inspires us.

  • Efficiency

    Our flair for the efficient lets us provide quality products at a price we’re proud of. You might call us obsessive. But those who know us best call us—well, also obsessive.

  • Ethos

    We run refreshingly opposite to the average company—not sacrificing our principles to drive profits. Of course we care about business, but we care about people even more.

  • Expertise

    In our sixteen years we’ve inspired over 800,000 wonder-filled reviews from satisfied customers. To us, that's what success looks like!

Where we come from

Without the direction of Youn Jae Lee (or as we respectfully and affectionately refer to him, Mr. Lee) Zinus would not be the company it is today. The entrepreneurial Lee started his business in the great outdoors, first building tents in 1979. He then moved Zinus into the home, having now provided more than 15 million sleepers and sitters a place to relax.


Zinus launches first bedding products


Developed compression packing technology and patented SmartBase


Introduced BioFoam with natural seed oil, green tea, and active charcoal


Introduced Eco Foam using all-natural plant oils


Launched US warehouse for domestic operations


Introduced patented Gel Technologies


Operates bicoastal US distribution centers, totaling over one million sq. ft.


Over 6 million sq ft of production facilities operating in China and Indonesia. Lists as a publicly traded company on the South Korean Stock Exchange.


First U.S. manufacturing operation to open.

From our humble beginnings in South Korea, we’ve grown our presence in over fifteen different countries around the globe.


Zinus is a rapidly growing eCommerce mattress and furniture company that values and empowers an entrepreneurial spirit in all of our employees. We’ve been in the business for over 16 years, compressing and delivering mattresses while other bed-in-a-box companies were still just a twinkle in their founder’s eyes. Aside from that, we offer competitive pay plus full medical, dental, and vision insurance, and the all-important 401K. Sound like something you might be interested in? Give us a shout.