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Living Room Furniture, Affordable Sofa, Loveseat, Zinus


Design meets its match in comfort.
26 Products

Sunny Modern Sofa


$266 (20% Off Sale)
Your backside will wonder what the occasion is when it first gets to take a seat on this modern day slice of style and comfort....

Lauren Mid-Century Sofa


$247 (20% Off Sale)
Tufted and true, this Mid-Century sofa is as easy on the eyes as it is on the backside. And the wallet that sometimes goes under...

Josh Traditional Sofa


$253 (20% Off Sale)
When you’re lounging on this sofa’s multiple layers of comfy cushioning—blue skies get bluer. Chirpy birds get chirpier. Lingering friends get lingering-er. A small price...

Mikhail Mid-Century Sofa


$273 (20% Off Sale)
Liven your living room up with this stylish Mid-Century Sofa. And for those of you wondering, the Department of Napping (which, like, totally exists) has...

Benton Mid-Century Sofa


$278 (20% Off Sale)
A wise bedding and furniture website once said, “Great style never goes out of style.” Were we that wise website? Definitely, maybe. Is this the...

Ricardo Contemporary Sofa


$367 (20% Off Sale)
There are sofas that are only made for sitting. And there are sofas that are only made to gaze upon while you dream of a sofa...


Sayan Traditional Sofa


$267 (20% Off Sale)
Apple pie. Baseball. Incredibly comfortable sofas. While we hold all these traditions equally dear, we do only sell the latter. Made with easy-cleaning fabric, which coincidentally,...

Sunny Modern Loveseat


$227 (20% Off Sale)
Being comfy has never looked as good as this sleek and stylish loveseat. Can play the co-star to its Modern Sofa counterpart or take center...

Lauren Mid-Century Loveseat


$214 (20% Off Sale)
If an eye-catching, afternoon-lounging loveseat is what you’re after than this pear green piece of Mid-Century magic is right for you. Shipped all-in-one box and...

Jackie Classic Loveseat


$227 (20% Off Sale)
Generations of FM radio hosts can confirm: there’s no beating the classics. Especially when that classic is a loveseat that comes with uber comfy, easy-cleaning...


Jackie Classic Sofa


$266 (20% Off Sale)
Two uber comfy, easy-cleaning cushions for sitting on. Two more for leaning back on. All with an assembly time that clocks in under twenty minutes....


Ricardo Contemporary Loveseat


$311 (20% Off Sale)
A naturally-strong wood frame wrapped in cozy cushioning makes this the loveseat of your living room’s dreams. Not too big. Not too small. This easy-sitting,...


Mikhail Mid-Century Loveseat


$231 (20% Off Sale)
The non-edible, completely sittable cherry on top of any living room setup. This little loveseat keeps it classy. It keeps it comfy. And it can...

Benton Mid-Century Loveseat


$235 (20% Off Sale)
Like that one friend who has mastered the art of looking great while feeling even better, this loveseat perfectly blends modern style and timeless comfort....

Josh Traditional Loveseat


$219 (20% Off Sale)
The laziest of afternoons come from the most productive intentions when you find yourself wrapped in the supportive embrace of this traditional loveseat. Don’t worry,...

Pascal Mid-Century Sofa


$367 (20% Off Sale)
This new Zinus couch delivers relaxing comfort with elegant style – all wonderfully packed in a single box and delivered to your doorstep. Its neutral...

Sayan Traditional Loveseat


$226 (20% Off Sale)
Whether you’re looking for a side sitting piece or something to be your main squeeze, you’re sure to fall for this loveseat. A few simple...

Juan Mid-Century Sofa


$252 (20% Off Sale)
What does it feel like to get a soft, supportive hug from your couch? Just sit on this sleek and durable mid-century armless version to...

Jocelyn Contemporary Loveseat


$222 (20% Off Sale)
You’re invited to sink into comfort with this sleek and contemporary armless loveseat. Cozy up with the next best-seller or just relax in its soft...

Juan Mid-Century Loveseat


$206 (20% Off Sale)
The sleek and durable design of our armless love seat makes being head over heels about your furniture totally acceptable. And you can relax a...

Jocelyn Contemporary Sofa


$264 (20% Off Sale)
What’s cooler than a contemporary couch with a winning design? Putting one together in less than 30 minutes! This sleek armless beige-colored couch is made...

Pascal Mid-Century Loveseat


$311 (20% Off Sale)
We’ve added a healthy dose of comfort with a touch of elegance to this new loveseat. Its neutral, faint oatmeal hue makes its versatile and...

Lucy Armless Loveseat


$271 (20% Off Sale)
Say hello to our newest armless loveseat in a peppy mustard yellow. Add a pop of color to your living room without looking like you...

Christine Armless Sofa


$335 (20% Off Sale)
Get the refreshing and inspiring feels of walking through a lush green deciduous forest while sitting in the comfort of your living room. This chic...

Lucy Armless Sofa


$351 (20% Off Sale)
Cozy up on the Lucy! Armless sofa in a cheery mustard yellow color, it is ridiculously good looking and effortlessly charming. Its happy vibe is...
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