Zinus Bunk Bed Recall Program

Zinus has voluntarily issued a product recall for three of its bunk beds, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) under its Fast Track Recall process. The welds that secure the upper bunk can come apart causing the upper bunk to collapse, posing fall and injury hazards. We recommend you cease using the product immediately and either install the retrofit kit which we will send to you (see below) or dispose of your product for a full refund.

To prevent any injuries, Zinus has designed an easy-to-install retrofit kit that's CPSC approved and we will ship it to your home so you can continue to use your bunk bed with peace of mind. A refund is also available should that be your preference.

We request you to fill out the form below to order your CPSC approved retrofit kit that will be shipped to your home at no cost.

Prior to submitting your information, please inspect the welds supporting the top bunk at the four lower corners of the upper foundation. If you observe any damage to any weld, cease using the product immediately and apply for a full refund. Please email to claim a full refund on the value of your bunk bed. Proof of purchase of a new bunk bed & disposal will be required before a refund can be issued. Bunk beds purchased as used will be offered a retrofit kit only.

If you do not observe any damage to the welds, you have the option of completing the information fields below so that we can send you a retrofit kit with reinforcement brackets to support the top bunk in the event that welds fail in the future, or applying for a full refund.

If you have further questions regarding the retrofit program, please scroll down to our FAQs below. You may also reach out to us toll free at (800) 613-1225 for any other questions or inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zinus Bunk Bed Preventive Repair Instructions