5 Exciting Bedroom Design Tips from Christina Hall

5 Exciting Bedroom Design Tips from Christina Hall

Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home, and it’s certainly the most personal. It’s where you start and end each day, and your surroundings can really set the tone for what kind of day you’ll have. If your bedroom aesthetic has been feeling a bit dull lately, it’s time to change that! Luckily, we have some fun and super easy DIY bedroom design tips that will help liven up your sleeping quarters.  

We recently partnered with home decorating extraordinaire and HGTV star, Christina Hall, for a Home Makeover Challenge. For this exciting collab, Zinus hosted a 2-day Amazon Live series in which Christina decorated two bedroom sets—one as a master bedroom, and one as a guest room—essentially transforming them both from bare bones into fully decked out, gorgeous bedroom designs, all while sharing her tried-and-true methods with us.  

We’re thrilled to share 5 of Christina’s top tips and tricks that you can use to turn your bedroom from a drab, lackluster place to sleep into an awe-inspiring personal rejuvenation station for you to indulge in night after night. 


1. Style your bed 

To Christina, “the most important thing in the bedroom is actually making the bed and how the bed looks”. During the Amazon Live feed, she recommended using crisp white sheets to set the tone of a contemporary, hotel-like feel in your own bedroom. From there, creating a layered look with the rest of your bedding helps make your whole room feel a bit more luxurious. Mixing some contrasting colors and textures is another fun way to add character to your bed and make it feel cozier—such as with the two knitted throw blankets Christina chose for each bedroom set.  

Day 1 video: 

Day 2 video (12:58-18:12): 


As Christina suggested, the easiest, most affordable way to refresh your room is by treating yourself to some new bedding. Especially if you’re not quite ready to do an entire design overhaul, investing in a new comforter, sheet set, and pillows can do wonders for not only elevating the look and feel of your bed, but of your whole bedroom too. 

Start with a great foundation! During both days of the makeover challenge, Christina highlighted some of her favorite Zinus mattresses and bed frames, which she mentioned having in her own homes. For her master bedroom set, Christina proudly displayed our Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame and our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, which she described as “the most comfortable mattress I've owned”. Featured as the focal point of Christina’s guest bedroom set were our Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame and our cooling gel-infused Green Tea Cool Feel Memory Foam Mattress, which she enthusiastically shared that her kids have at home. 


2. Mix and match styles 

Don’t be afraid to mix it up! When it comes to revamping your bedroom to best fit your style, not everything has to be so matchy-matchy. For example, when decorating a space with more modern features and furniture, mixing in different textures with décor is a good way to soften the overall design. This tip is especially useful when mixing both masculine and feminine elements, such as when sharing a room with a spouse.  

Christina showcased this method when decorating both bedroom sets, demonstrating how she likes to mix and match elements from different styles for some variation. During an appearance that Christina’s husband, Josh, made on the second day of the event, the couple shared with viewers how they’ve found ways to compromise and create cohesive spaces in their homes that incorporate both their personalities and styles. 


Day 2 Video:


3. Accessorize with natural elements 

A great way to mix natural elements into your overall aesthetic is by choosing organic items and materials to accessorize your space with. Some ways that Christina recommended doing this include: 


Add some greenery 

Christina added a potted plant to both bedroom sets, emphasizing that “a touch of greenery really adds something extra to a space.” She shared that she likes mixing in both real and artificial plants, because faux plants are easier, mess free, and ideal for rooms that don’t get a ton of natural light. Plus, most people can’t tell the difference!  

Although one thing Christina emphatically called “a big no no” was leaving your potted plant in the original black bucket it comes in. She recommended always dressing your plant in a decorative basket or pot, and perhaps adding some Spanish moss to give it a fuller, more elevated look.  



Fill some decorative vases 

 Another way to add some nice natural touches to your room (especially if large potted plants feel like too much) is by filling some vases with some organic materials—such as with some pampas grass or wooden branches.  



Choose natural material furniture and décor 

Picking a wood bed frame, or even one with mixed materials is a great way to do this, as well as with other natural material furniture pieces. An on-trend look that Christina is a fan of is light wood furniture and accessories—such as this oak wood TV stand and decorative wooden bowl.  




She also enthusiastically shared her gravitation towards decorating with natural crystals. As everyone's taste varies, there are lots of items that can add some organic elements to your bedroom—including candles, woven storage baskets, wood bead garlands, and so much more. 


Dress your floors with textured area rugs  

Choosing jute rugs, shag rugs, natural fiber rugs, or other natural material rugs for your room can add some fun texture and character to your floors—really refreshing your space from the ground up.  



 4. Accent your walls 

 What better way to customize your space than with a personally curated array of wall art and décor. Using a variety of items that speak to your unique style, you can add lots of personal touches to create your own personal sanctuary. Christina recommended a few different ways to do just that without breaking the bank: 


Choose simple, versatile canvas art 

 Like the seasons, your style is always changing, and so should your choice in art and décor. The goal is to choose simple and inexpensive prints on canvas that can be easily switched out. Christina suggested choosing your color palette to fit the seasons and commented that canvas wall prints “make a minimalist room have a bit of flair.” 





Adorn your floating shelves 

As a big fan of floating shelves, Christina showed us how to make a design your own by choosing accent pieces that, again, are unique to you and easy to switch out when you feel like a change. Some items you can choose from include books, candles, and other decorative ornaments.  


Personalize your wall art 

One misconception that Christina cleared up is that wall art doesn’t need to be expensive or overly fancy. By adorning your walls with framed photos of your family, you can personalize your wall décor to be near and dear to your heart. What’s more, you can have your fun playing around with different designs—such as with an elaborate family tree-inspired photo collage. 

5. Class it up with curtains 

Adding some nice curtains is yet another easy yet effective upgrade you can make to your bedroom. It’s an affordable way to give your space a timeless and elevated look, while also creating some texture on your wall and some added privacy. Christina emphasized, “if you must invest in something, please do some nice window treatments. Window treatments go a very long way”.  

Though Christina recommended linen curtains, as with any of the bedroom makeover ideas we shared, you can take your pick of different fabrics, materials, colors, and patterns to create a look that most speaks to you and the perfect refreshed bedroom look that you’re going for.