Zinus Mattresses and Fire Safety

Zinus is a leading manufacturer of affordable mattresses, and we are committed to making restful and restorative sleep accessible to all. In a time when rising inflation means the average consumer is faced with difficult financial choices, we are proud to offer quality mattresses at an attainable price.

Safety and comfort are top priorities at Zinus, so we carefully consider all components of our products. For example, we use sustainable materials such as bamboo and Tencel®, as well as innovative natural infusions like green tea and activated charcoal, along with materials that many manufacturers use to comply with safety requirements.

Given our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we constantly look for ways to innovate and create mattresses that reflect consumer preferences and new technologies.

All Zinus mattresses meet U.S. federal flammability standards. Today, newly manufactured Zinus mattresses use a carbon-rayon sleeve to protect our customers in the unlikely event of a fire. Previously, Zinus used fiberglass as a fire safety material. Fiberglass has been used regularly by mattress manufacturers since 2007. None of our mattress covers should be removed, and they are not washable. The tags on our covers include a label with the instruction “Do not remove,” and we disclose whether a mattress contains fiberglass.

Incorporated in 1979, Zinus has delivered mattresses and furniture to more than 25 million customers in over 15 countries. We are proud of our products, our team, and our work, and we remain committed to helping everyone bring happiness home for generations to come.

We invite customers with questions about how to care for their current Zinus mattress to contact us by email, phone, or chat through the support section of our website.