10 Kids Room Design Tips and Ideas

10 Kids Room Design Tips and Ideas

Kids rooms can be understated, affordable, easy, and beautiful all at the same time, and designing your kids room can be a fun way to let them explore their creative sides. It’s the room they’ll spend time playing, reading and of course, sleeping in so you want to make sure it’s a space they love.

Below we share top kids decor from some of our favorite bloggers as well as some tips for decorating a bedroom your big girl or big boy will love.

suzanne with usb

For the teens and pre-teens in your life, getting a bed frame with a USB port will help keep all their devices charged and ready to go.  Use the Suzanne Platform Bed, which has a handy shelf and accessible USB port on top of the headboard.

metal bed frameShow some love with posters that have motivational quotes, fun expressions or daily reminders that you love them and a bold metal platform bed. Whatever your kids are excited to have hanging on their walls that makes their room feel like their own.

olivia platform bed frame

Floral wall art, fun posters and quirky accessories like a printed rug add nice pops of color to your kids’ room without being overwhelming. Just take a look at what mom and interior decorator leigh.fager.interiors did for her daughter’s room and the Olivia platform bed frame (and check out that blue cactus!)

wen bed frame

Neutral colors pair well with the wood tone frames, like mom and blogger hugsandmesses used, work great in a kids’ room to help keep the environment a calm and relaxing safe space- perfect for getting a good night’s sleep in.

avery bed frame

For the kid who loves to read in bed (even if it’s past their bedtime), a bed frame with a reclining headboard is a great addition to their room. Nashville-based decor blogger karsynkdupree used the Avery Platform Bed which has a cushioned reclining headboard, making it perfect for all those bedtime stories.

wood platform bed

A color or decor theme will brighten up the room when paired with a neutral wood bed frame, like mamabirdandtribe did, using a pastel rainbow theme to tie everything together. A few unicorns in the reading corner are a fun addition.

christina platform bed frame

Another way to use neutral colors and a design theme. DIY and design blogger myhouseof8 styled her child’s Christina platform bed frame with a comfy matching plaid comforter, pillows and blanket and used dinosaur decorations to keep things fun.

euro top mattress

Growing kids need lots of sleep so getting a good mattress is a must. Try a comfy 8” mattress like blogger the.old.barn did, or a hybrid like the Pressure Relief Euro Top Hybrid mattress.

metal platform bed

And whenever your kids are ready to transition to big kid beds, like stylefitfatty’s, metal platform bed we’ll ship everything you need right to your door for super fast and easy assembly so they can make their room their own as soon as possible.