5 Color Palette Ideas for Any Holiday Style

5 Color Palette Ideas for Any Holiday Style

If your holiday décor needs a refresh, establishing a color scheme is the perfect way to start. Whether your tastes lean toward traditional, eclectic, or modern, these unique concepts will help you envision your ideal holiday home.

Rustic reds & greens

Think cozy-cabin-in-the-snow vibes. Pair a more traditional red and green Christmas color scheme with natural, rustic elements like wood and winter greenery. Layer in soft textures and warm lighting to keep things inviting and comfy. With its earthy green shade, a piece like our Lauren Sofa (pictured below) fits right in with this cozy Christmas aesthetic.

red and green holiday color palette

Overall feel: Homey, warm, organic, traditional

Colors: Browns, creams, earthy greens, classic red, pale grey

Soft neutrals

If a softer aesthetic is more your style, a neutral color palette can be just as festive! Create a crisp and clean look with muted tones and a less-is-more approach to your decorating for that dream-like “white Christmas” feel. Beige or cream furniture pieces (we love the Thompson Loveseat for its sheer versatility and comfort) are great staples year-round, but especially with this holiday look!

soft neutral holiday color paletteOverall feel: Minimalistic, clean, calming, light and airy

Colors: Creams, whites, greys, silver, and gold

Jewel Tones

Maybe you need a little more color in your home (or a lot more). Or maybe you just love to be a little less conventional when it comes to holiday decorating. If vibrant hues speak to you, a jewel toned palette can be magical. Choose 2-3 deep hues for accent colors and anchor the aesthetic with dark neutrals for an edgier look. Our charcoal velvet Chalotte Platform Bed Frame captures the bold and glamorous tone of this style.

jewel tone holiday color palette

Overall feel: Glam, moody, edgy, bold

Colors: Deep purples, blues, and teals, dark grey, gold and copper metallics


Pastel shades and holiday décor are a combination you might’ve never expected to go together. But with the right balance of colors and materials, it could become your new go-to! This feminine spin on holiday decorating highlights delicate touches and softer hues. Pair your pastels with cream or pale grey (think our Dachelle or Annette Upholstered Platform Beds) in the background to help accent colors stand out.

pastel holiday color palette

Overall feel: Feminine, whimsical, cheerful

Colors: Pale pink, baby blue, mint green, white, cream, light grey

Black & white

Lovers of modern style – this one’s for you. A black and white aesthetic offers an instant wow factor and doesn’t require any complicated color play. Anything black or white goes! Think bold and distinct blacks – like our Santiago Wood Platform Bed – offset with bright whites, silvers, and greys.

black and white holiday color palette

Overall feel: Swanky, polished, contemporary, elegant

Colors: Black, white, cream, silver, charcoal