6 Yoga Stretches to Do Before Bed

6 Recommended Yoga Poses to Do Before Bed Zinus

Sleep is such an important part of our lives and healthy living, there’s even an entire month dedicated to it! Yep, March is Sleep Awareness Month and all month long, we’re here to help you find your best rest, from finding the perfect mattress to unwinding before bedtime.

If you find yourself tossing and turning at bedtime, stop counting sheep and try some bed yoga. Doing yoga before bed is a great way to relieve stress and unwind from a long day.

Travel yoga instructor and content creator Jessica Richburg knows this firsthand: “My biggest passion is teaching others how to live a more balanced and mindful life through yoga. I first started practicing… over six years ago to help with my mental health. It changed my life and had such a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.”

Watch Jessica’s guided yoga before bed sequence, then keep reading below for a breakdown of how to do each pose as well as their benefits.


6 Yoga Poses for Before Bed


Child's Pose

Child’s pose stretches the upper and lower back, hips, thighs and the ankles, while reducing stress and fatigue. Sitting on your hands and knees, spread your knees so your belly can rest between your thighs and stretch your arms in front of you.

childs pose yoga

Head-to-Knee Forward Fold

Extend one leg in front of you while the other is bent. Gently reach your arms forward, folding your head to your knee. This pose stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings and groins. It can also help with anxiety, insomnia, headaches and mild depression. Who knew a simple yoga stretch from your bed could do so much?!

Head-to-Knee Forward Fold

Cobbler’s Pose

Cobbler’s pose stretches and strengthens the inner thighs, hips, groins and knees. Repeat with the other leg for an equal stretch on both sides. This pose is especially great if you work sitting down at a desk all day.

In addition to this relaxing bed yoga sequence, Jessica also knows the importance of an equally relaxing bedroom to help her feel calm. “I love the low profile and sophisticated look of the Marissa Wood Platform bed frame. Because I mostly work from home, it’s important to me that my space helps me feel relaxed yet focused. I love that Zinus’ products are simple, yet stylish and comfortable.” Paired with our bestselling Green Tea Memory Foam mattress, you can turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary, just like Jessica’s.

Cobbler%u2019s Pose yoga

Supine Pigeon

Laying on your back, bend one leg and cross your other ankle over your bent leg at the thigh. Thread your hands over your bent knee or under your thighs, and gently pull your leg towards you. You’ll feel a stretch in your hamstrings and hips, and this pose can also help relieve low back pain. Another great stretch for desk workers.

Supine Pigeon yoga

Supine Twist

Lay on your back and stretch your arms out in a T-shape. Bend one knee and let it fall over your other leg, slowly twisting your hips and lower body while keeping your shoulders flat on the ground. This supine twist stretches your glutes, chest and obliques, while improving spinal mobility and aiding in digestion. A perfect bedtime yoga pose to do after a bedtime snack.

Supine Twist yoga


Simply lie flat on your back with your arms resting by your side to calm the mind and reduce stress. A great final pose for some yoga before bed to help you drift off to sleep.

 Savasana yoga