7 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean

7 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean

 We all have dreams, even if we don’t always remember them. But what do our dreams mean? While no one is completely sure of what dreams mean or if they even have a purpose, we’ve been trying to interpret our dreams for centuries.

Some people say dreams are how our brain processes thoughts and feelings, and analyzing our dreams can help us better understand our lives. So we decided to track down the meaning of some of the most popular dreams. Read on to find out your dream interpretation.

Dreams About Teeth

dreams about losing a tooth

Dreaming of your teeth falling out, rotting or even being loose and wiggling are some of the most common dreams people have. Many people even have no teeth in their dreams.

This dream interpretation could be your brain’s way of coping with feeling powerless or embarrassed, whether you’re worried about your appearance or something you said.

But what if someone else’s teeth are falling out in your dream? You may have an issue with the person in your dream, something that you’re having trouble communicating about.

Dreams About Flying

dreams about flying

Dreams where you’re flying like a bird or superhero can mean you feel liberated or free. Or they can mean you feel the need to escape or fly away from something in your life. If you’re flying solo though, this can mean you feel independent and ready to take that leap in life.

Dreams About Water

dreams about water

Dreams involving water can mean different things. Water present in your dream can either be a sign that you feel overwhelmed and unsupported by the people around you, or a sign of freedom and peace.

To determine which meaning your dream holds, think about your feelings of the water as well as what the water looked like. Positive feelings tend to mean something good whereas if you are afraid of water, this can symbolize something more negative. Deep, turbulent oceans or calm streams can mean different things as well.

Dreams About a Cheating Partner

dreams about a cheating partner

While having a dream about your partner cheating is certainly distressing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Typically infidelity dreams are our brains testing “what if” situations to prepare us for possible real-life situations or work through fears, according to dream theorists. Another common dream interpretation is that there are issues of communication, loyalty and trust in the relationship.

Dreams Where You Can't Move

dreams where you cant move

Have you had a dream where you’re walking or running as fast as you can but going nowhere? This could be a sign that you feel like you’re not in control of an aspect of your life. That no matter how much effort you put in, you’re spinning your wheels. Try setting some new goals or figuring out a more concrete direction for your life.

Dreams About Animals

dreams about animals

Similar to dreams about water, dreams about animals can have different interpretations. Different animals can symbolize different things to different people, and even the type of animal (domesticated versus a wild animal) can have different meanings.

Lions, for example, can mean that someone feels proud, strong and powerful while snakes can mean you feel betrayed. Domestic animals, like a house cat, can mean you’re aware of your responsibilities but find them overwhelming; dreaming about wild animals could mean you want to express yourself in a more liberating way.

Recurring Dreams

dreams that reoccur

Recurring dreams, or dreams that happen repeatedly, occur in 60 to 75 percent of adults and more often occur to women than men as well as people who are unhappy with their situation in life. These dreams tend to mean there’s an unresolved conflict in your life, and can stop when you’ve resolved the issue.