7 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Staycation Destination

7 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Staycation Destination

Longing to take a much-needed vacation? With help from New Jersey home DIY enthusiasts Sky and Drewski, we've put together our favorite tips to help you get away in your very own home.

As we all shelter-in-place to keep ourselves and our communities safe, it’s likely that many of us have had to forgo our summer vacations this year. But fortunately, there’s one destination you can visit year-round, with absolutely no extra money or travel time required. That’s right. With a few of our expert tricks, you can give your very own bedroom a 5-star resort treatment that’ll scratch your vacation itch. No reservation required.

We’ve compiled our best tips for designing a staycation-worthy room, with a bit of inspiration from entrepreneur and natural living expert, Sky Landish, and her fiancé Andrew.

Meet Sky & Drewski

Based in New England, Sky and her fiancé Andrew (nicknamed Drewski) own four different properties together. Needless to say, they’re not one bit scared of tackling a good old fashioned home DIY project or total room makeover. Their latest venture? Designing and furnishing their summer home on the coast of New Jersey with a few carefully chosen Zinus pieces.

Ready to create your very own vacation spot at home? Check out our recommendations below.

1. Choose a Theme that says "getaway"

Want to feel like you’re on your own private island? Or maybe in a rustic cabin? Choose decor and furniture pieces that evoke the feeling of your ideal destination.

For Sky and Drewski, the concept for their spare bedroom began with a few pieces of wall art. “In one bedroom we found two identical anchor wall decor pieces...so everything we chose thereafter came from the nautical theme of the anchor wall decor we fell in love with.”

Sky and Drewski designed their second bedroom with an east-coast inspired nautical feel featuring two of our Wesley Platform Beds.

If a quaint countryside B&B is more your style, an antique rug, vintage accent pieces and our Dori Platform Bed Frame, can help round out a charming, one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

2. Start cutting the clutter

House chores are the last thing you want to be reminded of while on vacation. Before you can create the perfect place to escape, laundry, an unmade bed and other clutter should be eliminated. Walking into your staycation-ready bedroom should feel like entering a newly cleaned and prepped hotel room.

Eliminating excess mess gives you more physical and mental space to dream up a room that’s uniquely your own. Our exceptional Wesley Canopy Bed Frame features a clean, strong silhouette that can anchor a room with ease.

3. Upgrade some of the furniture

Although it’s not really necessary (or inexpensive) to completely refurnish your room, one or two new pieces can add a welcome breath of fresh air. Consider trading up from your frame and box spring to a new platform bed with a gorgeous headboard to give the space a centerpiece. Or add a cozy loveseat next to a big window to create an inviting spot where you can sip on that morning latte.

For Sky, choosing our Charlotte Platform Bed Frame came down to the headboard. “I wanted an extra large headboard for the main bedroom...it is the statement piece in that room and a great contrast to our very faint grey wall color.”

Create a cozy spot to sit and take in the view by adding seating like our Ellen White Metal Loveseat next to your largest window.

Interested in upgrading more than just a few furniture pieces? Do it affordably!

4. Refresh Your Bed Linens

Investing in new bedding works wonders to enhance that resort feel. Crisp white ones are our preference, since they pair well with virtually any theme and brighten up a room instantly. But any set that brings you joy and feels good to lie in will work just fine. And although you may not be able to get the sheets tucked in quite as tight as a hotel housekeeper, making the bed is also a surprisingly simple way to help home feel a little more luxurious.

Want to rejuvenate the bedding you already have? Adding a luxurious throw and some new accent pillows (shown here on our Marcus Platform Bed) can make your bed feel like new again.

If plain white sheets aren’t your cup of tea, anchor your room with a neutral-toned bed, like our Ibidun Upholstered Platform Bed, and use bed linens to infuse some color.

5. Focus on the natural

Whether your ideal destination is a tropical island or a snowy ski lodge, very few vacations are meant to be spent entirely indoors. Embrace the climate you’re dreaming of by adding natural elements like flowers and plants, seashells, branches or antlers.

And don’t underestimate the power of natural light. In fact, a natural light source is Sky’s number one must-have in any room. “Darkness deprives us of Vitamin D, so natural light is a must-have...I absolutely love a natural, outdoors inspired room.” Removing heavy blinds or drapes in favor of sheer curtains will bathe your room in sunlight that has the power to boost your mood along with overall visual appeal.

Sprinkling a room with plant life is a simple way to play up the natural. Paired next to a minimalist frame like our Tom Metal Platform Bed, more organic elements are easy to showcase.

Natural light is your best friend in any bedroom. To maximize this feature, keep window treatments lightweight and minimal. (Plus, natural wood furniture pieces, like our Moiz Deluxe Wood Platform Bed pictured above, look exquisite when bathed in a healthy dose of sunlight).

6. Replicate the hotel mini-fridge or snack station

Once you’ve all but converted your bedroom to staycation mode on the aesthetic side, it’s time to add the perks that make it a great place to relax. This includes having supplies on hand for when the munchies strike! Set out a tray or basket with your favorite variety of prepackaged snacks, or a bar cart with glassware, a bucket of ice and your preferred sodas, wine and elixirs. If you’re really dedicated to spending serious downtime in your new restful retreat, you may even splurge on a mini-fridge or small coffee maker so you can extend your stay as you please. And the best part about this setup? These refreshments will be just as yummy as the outrageously overpriced ones you’d find in a hotel room.

Having food and drinks on hand are key to helping you extend your stay. And enjoying them from a cozy padded bed (like our Kellen Upholstered Platorm Bed pictured here) is highly encouraged.

7. Take all of the above steps in your guestroom, if you can

Staycationing is all about stepping away from your usual routine as much as possible. If you have the convenience of a guestroom or extra bedroom in your home, enjoying your staycation retreat in a location that’s different from the norm can enhance that feeling of truly “getting away”. For this reason, we encourage refreshing the guestroom and spending a night or two in there when you need to recharge. And as an added bonus, giving the resort-treatment to an extra bedroom means that your in-laws will have an impressive place to lay their heads when they come to visit.