Maximum Style on a Minimalist Budget

Maximum Style on  a Minimalist Budget

We get it, designing a space in your home that ticks all the boxes - brings you joy, reflects your preferred color palette and style, and feels as comfortable as it is beautiful - can be difficult to pull off on a budget. But we’re on a mission to break down the barrier that is your bank account. At Zinus, we design everything with price in mind so you can #AffordToBeYou. And with a little creativity, two willing hands and a great centerpiece, you’d be surprised with the Instagram-worthy room scapes you can achieve. We’ve got your affordable centerpiece covered, and for the creativity, we’ve sought the advice of design expert Jodi Bond.

Meet Jodi

An Atlanta based mom, blogger and all-around design wizard, Jodi turned her passion for all things design into a career. “I’ve been designing in one shape or form since I was a child. Whether it was creating outfits for my paper dolls, updating my parents' living room, upholstering furniture, or as a teenager decorating my bedroom in my own signature style.” Continuously inspired by color, nature, family, and her memories of growing up in the 80’s, Jodi’s design mantra is simple. “Design a home that brings you joy, and don’t be bothered if people don’t like it or understand your choices!”

And best of all, she’s not one bit afraid of a budget-friendly, DIY challenge. In her own words, “I am passionate about overcoming people’s hurdles in creating a home they love. And let’s be honest, oftentimes that hurdle is a budget!” So with our design pillars of personal style and wallet-friendly in mind, she got started with the help of our Annette Upholstered Platform Bed Frame and Benton Mid-Century Sofa. Jodi created two totally unique rooms oozing with personal style and seasonally inspired touches. And you can too!

The master bedroom - a spring refresh

When tackling her master bedroom, Jodi’s goals were twofold. First, she wanted to improve the comfort level of her bed, which, in addition to sleeping, tends to be her go-to workspace. Second, she wanted the space to evoke the feeling of a posh hotel room in London or Paris (accented with a soft, springy color palette of course). With these objectives in mind, she got to work.

Step one was to assemble the pièce de résistance, our Annette Upholstered Platform Bed. For Jodi, the soft grey hue of the upholstery was the perfect shade to complement both her black accent wall and her muted mauves, pinks and blues that give the room warmth and character. And Annette’s tall, tufted headboard was a major bonus to upping the comfort factor of her all-too-often work area. With the addition of our 2 Inch Antimicrobial Copper Memory Foam Topper for a little extra plushness, the bed was ready to be nestled right between her two lavishly draped windows.

copper topper

From here, it was a matter of infusing the space with touches like floral throw pillows, a charming velvet stool and a few scented candles. Although small, these little details are what bring a room together and create a sense of joy, which according to Jodi, is what designing is all about. “Nature brings me joy (you’ll see I decorate with a lot of florals), sunlight brings me joy so I look for ways to infuse a room with a lot of light. A nod to heritage and family is important to me, that’s why I always have something vintage in my spaces. And then there’s my own affinity to clean lines and bold choices. All of those aspects weave together to create my own personal style!”

annette platform bed

The living room nook DIY

With new life breathed into the bedroom, Jodi turned her attention to a particularly flat corner of her living area. Equipped with only our Benton Mid-Century Sofa and the option to thrift or shop her own home, she began by adding a fresh coat of paint (a light pink shade she had leftover from a previous project), which instantly brought personality into the space.


benton sofa

The room’s biggest DIY came in the form of Jodi’s patterned floor, which she put together with a bit of imagination, some paint and a piece of recycled plastic for her stencil. And voila! A few cozy throw pillows, some hanging plants, a very crafty DIY and one cozy, affordable tufted sofa later, and this corner had a new lease on life.

It’s no surprise that one of the most exciting design challenges for Jodi is creating projects just like this one, where one or two impactful purchases combined with a mixture of existing decorative items equate to a complete room makeover. In fact, this trick is one piece of advice she gives most often. “I think people should be realistic about how much money they spend on small miscellaneous decorative objects, especially when they feel unable to purchase a larger, more impactful piece.” Investing the bulk of your budget into larger, more timeless pieces will leave you with a good foundation for future redesigns. Small accent pieces are easier to find, collect and even change as your preferences do, but a great quality centerpiece will last you for years to come and will always be there to anchor your aesthetic.

benton sofa side angle

Design for thought

Apart from the refreshing visual inspiration she’s given us for our own seasonal home decorating projects, Jodi has left us with a thing or two to add to our personal design philosophy:

  1. Go for impact with your aesthetic and financial choices. Allotting your budget towards a larger, more visually impressive piece will help your space stand the test of time.
  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Designing a room you really love is a marathon, not a sprint. Especially where budget comes into play, it’s important to remember that you can always add (and change) pieces over time to enhance the overall feel of your space.
  3. Find what brings you joy, and look inward to choose elements that reflect that feeling. Ultimately, the goal should be to create a space that YOU love to look at. So don’t question your own instincts, embrace them!