Dreamy Bedroom Refresh Ideas From HGTV Star, Christina Hall

christina hall from hgtv on zinus mattress

Whether you have a knack for home decorating, or home makeover shows are simply your guilty pleasure, you’re sure to know Christina Hall as a recognizable name and face. As a renowned real estate investor, interior design expert, and TV personality with her own HGTV series, Christina on the Coast and Christina in the Country, it goes without saying we were thrilled to partner with Christina for a Home Makeover Challenge. In two back-to-back Amazon Live streams sponsored by Zinus, Christina shared some of her tried-and-true design methods and bedroom ideas to give two unique spaces a much-needed refresh using some of her Zinus favorites.

Christina Is a Long-time Zinus Fan

As a true expert in design, style, and essentially all things that look good in a home, it’s safe to say Christina has exquisite taste and a keen eye for quality. Which is why we're honored to be called “a company that’s capable of some pretty amazing things” by Christina, who has made it known she’s a long-time fan of Zinus and the high quality and affordability of our products.

Throughout both days of our Amazon Live event, she shared with her viewers that she has several Zinus products in their homes, including all four products spotlighted in this challenge—our cooling gel-infused Green Tea Cool Feel Memory Foam Mattress, our Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame, our Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame, and our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, which she describes as “the most comfortable mattress she’s owned”.

Here at Zinus, we don’t compromise on efficiency. We pack all parts, tools, and instructions needed for our products’ easy (often tool-free) assembly into just one convenient and easy-to-maneuver box—making delivery and setup as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers. Christina clearly shares our excitement, saying, “Just about everything that Zinus sells is designed to fit in a single box and to be shipped right to your front door—even a king size platform bed, which is pretty amazing”, further adding “...they know a thing or two about smart packing.” Throughout the two-day challenge, Christina shared her fondness of Zinus with her viewers, many of whom chimed in with comments throughout the live feeds to share their own positive experiences and how much they love their Zinus products as well. She even took time to respond to viewers’ comments and answer their questions during both days of the live feed.

Zinus Product Highlights

Using some of our best-selling Zinus mattresses and bed frames as the focal points, Christina creates interior design magic out of two different bedroom sets—the first designed to be a master bedroom, and the second as a guest room. She started off with the bare minimum and slowly added her personal touches to each set with her choice of bedding, side tables, chairs, décor and wall art, area rugs, potted plants, and more.

master bedroom amazon live

For the master bedroom set, our aforementioned super comfy Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress atop our beautiful Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame took center stage, which she dressed in crisp white linens, layered bedding, and a throw blanket for an elevated, luxurious look. Christina shouted out our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress as an Amazon favorite, noting its 4.5-star rating and almost 150,000 reviews. She also mentioned its recent naming as one of PopSugar’s must-have products for 2023.


Christina went on to describe the Shalini bed frame as “super elegant”, pointing out its diamond pattern stitching, its versatile neutral tones that’ll fit any decor, and its durable steel frame construction. Another shout out was made of the zippered headboard compartment that stores all pieces needed for easy assembly—a feature found on several of Zinus upholstered bed frames. Christina proudly shared that she has this bed frame in her Tennessee home, and that it took her husband under 30 minutes to put it together himself.

living room setting with metal platform bed and mattress

For the guest bedroom set, Christina spotlighted our brand new Green Tea Cool Feel Memory Foam Mattress and our sleek Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame. Because her kids use this mattress, she especially appreciates its natural infusions of green tea and natural charcoal, as they keep the mattress fresh and block out odors for years to come. She was especially impressed that the entire mattress ships in a Zinus WonderBox™, as she detailed the “wild technology” that allows a whole mattress to compress into “a box the size of your microwave...that is 23% smaller than other mattresses in a box” and spoke to its reduced packaging waste and carbon footprint.

wonderbox mattress box size comparison

Christina described the Abel Metal Platform Bed Frame as the perfect choice bed for not only your home but also rental properties, pointing out its roomy 14-inch underbed storage for storing suitcases, as well as other thoughtful features like its recessed side legs (because nothing’s worse than stubbed toes!), sturdy metal slats, and easy installation. Making one of many cameos that day was Christina’s husband, Josh, who was excited to share with the viewers how easily he built the Abel bed frame in their home in just 15 minutes, using only the handy Zinus ratchet tool that came with it.

When showcasing both mattresses, Christina emphasized another of our outstanding features—the fact that all Zinus mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified. In short, the CertiPUR-US® certification process ensures that your mattress is free of harmful chemicals and substances. As a mom, this feature is important to Christina because she wants the highest quality and safety for her family.

Final Thoughts

Christina Hall clearly knows a thing or two about how to style a home, both inside and out, and collaborating with her for this Home Makeover Challenge on Amazon Live was an absolute joy. We’re excited to share some of Christina’s bedroom refresh methods for you to make your own when revamping your own sleeping quarters at home. Be sure to check out our next blog for some fun and fabulous tips and tricks.

christina hall from hgtv on zinus mattress