How to Set up Your Guest Bedroom

How to Set up Your Guest Bedroom
Ah, houseguests. Whether they’re in town for a night, a weekend or (gulp) a month, here are a few ways to create an utterly delightful experience for your temporary-stayers. We let the five senses be our wonder-guide.


The bread and butter. A comfy mattress wrapped in delicious sheets topped with plushy pillows. Layer on a fuzzy throw blanket and your guests might turn into roommates.

guest bedroom - touch


Fresh flowers in a simple vase. That cool vintage print you picked up at the flea market. A curious paperweight shaped like a pyramid. Create a little intrigue for your guests to feast their eyes on as they fall asleep. Best to shy away from clown imagery.

guest bedroom- sight



They say smell is connected to memory, so here’s your chance to imprint on your guests. A candle, or scented oil to add just the slightest hint of fragrance. Lavender or sandalwood are good choices, but then again so is birthday cake. 

guest bedroom - smell


Let’s be honest, the best part of staying in a hotel is the promise of the nightly pillow mint. If only to keep you away from buying the $25 mini-bar jelly beans. Leave a little something for your guests to nibble on. They will love you forever.

guest bedroom-taste


Here’s the thing. Your lively kiddos and/or vocal dog will probably not put themselves on mute. That’s ok. It’s part of the charm. Equip your guests with a sound machine, so even if it sounds like Mardi Gras downstairs, they can be lulled to sleep by sounds of the ocean. guest bedroom sound And the sixth sense.

The Internet

Supply your guests with the WIFI password. Nothing says “make yourself at home” like being able to binge-watch your Netflix in someone else’s sheets.

gues bedroom wifi