How We Became America’s #1 Mattress Brand

How We Became America’s #1 Mattress Brand

The results are in! And we’re pleased as punch to announce that Zinus has been named the #1 Mattress Brand in America by Newsweek and Statista for 2023. As part of Newsweek’s Best Home and Garden Brands ranking list, Zinus rose to the top among mattress brands (5 were ranked in total). Through Newsweek’s partnership with global data firm Statista, the list was developed through an assessment of over 2 million relevant online reviews and rankings across a variety of home and garden categories. After being reviewed across 9 different product-specific aspects like convenience, quality, design, and value for money, Zinus mattresses came out with the highest overall score on the final list.

We can’t even express what a privilege it is to be recognized as the best mattress brand. But we can tell you what we think has led us down the path to success.

We give customer feedback the attention it deserves

Customer reviews are our lifeblood. In fact, we’re so passionate about reading reviews that we have an entire team dedicated to collecting and analyzing them on a weekly basis. We pore over thousands each week and ask ourselves continuously, “how can we do better?”. Not only do reviews give us important insights on how to improve, but they also show us new opportunities for innovation. In fact, some of our most popular products have been developed based on our customers’ invaluable feedback! Bottom line - when you leave a review on a Zinus (whether it’s 1 star or 5), you can bet that we’ll be seeing it.

To date, we’ve collected over 1 million reviews globally, and over 500k are 5 stars. So don’t just take it from us, our reviews can do all the talking.

We strive for high quality and affordable price tags

How do we deliver “fancy” products at an affordable price? Unlike many mattress companies out there, we own our manufacturing facilities. This means we can control costs and manage exactly what goes into every mattress we produce. And over the years, our in-house product design team has won dozens of awards for our mattresses and furniture. This is because when we design a product, we focus on that sweet spot where ease, enjoyment, and value come together.

We describe these key pillars as:

  • Delightfully easy – Every product we design should ease a pain point or help customers find simpler ways to tackle life. Zinus products are easy to understand, assemble and enjoy at every touchpoint.
  • Enjoyable – We build high-quality, well-designed products with features and benefits that help our customers enjoy more quality time at home.
  • The best value – This doesn’t just mean the lowest price. To us, high value means a product will always exceed the expectations of the price tag.

Through continuing to design and innovate with these pillars in mind, it's our mission to help you afford to be you.