Meet Rachel Rohanna, Mom and Pro-Athlete

Meet Rachel Rohanna, Mom and Pro-Athlete

Whether you’re a mother figure to someone else, or you cherish a person that plays that role in your own life, we all know that moms sacrifice a lot for their families. It's no wonder we take a day every year to honor these unsung heroes. That’s why this Mother’s Day, we are proud to shine the spotlight on a mom who has followed her own path both personally and professionally – LPGA tour member and Zinus ambassador, Rachel Rohanna. Between balancing her golf schedule with caring for her almost 5-year old daughter and helping to run her husband’s family business, she’s a prime example of a mom who’s forging her own path and learning that motherhood is actually a powerful tool in strengthening her game.


Who is Rachel Rohanna?

Pro-golfer and LPGA tour member Rachel Rohanna got her start playing golf at 7 years old. For her, golf was very much a “family sport” and something she learned early on from her grandparents, who had both played competitively as well. And after growing up playing on her great uncle’s golf course, Rachel says that “becoming a professional golfer didn't seem far-fetched or abnormal [to me].”

In 2018, Rachel and her husband Ethan welcomed their daughter, Gemelia. Rachel refers to her lovingly as her “superhero sidekick”. And she credits motherhood as the thing that’s actually made her a better golfer.

Balancing priorities and finding harmony

While golf is a huge passion of Rachel's, it’s not the only one. In addition to being a mom and wife, she and her husband are cattle breeders as part of the family business in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Coupled with traveling often for tournaments and finding time to work on her game, balancing all of life’s priorities can be challenging to say the least.

“People ask me, how do you balance everything? I don’t. It's very unbalanced. Making sure I'm giving my daughter and my career 100%. And sometimes, that means making small sacrifices for the greater good (of our family). Faith, family, health, livelihoods. Four pillars that help create the foundation of our family harmony.”

The role of support

“How do you juggle it all?” and “what’s your secret?” are the kinds of questions Rachel gets all the time as a pro-golfer mom. And when it comes to keeping all her ducks in a row, she doesn’t underestimate the importance of a solid support system. “My parents and in-laws have been tremendous in watching G, helping with travel plans, working with the cows, and lending a hand at the butcher shop. It really does take a village.”


Following her own path

If nothing else, Rachel shows us that there’s not one typical ‘pro-athlete life’. She has spoken openly about the negative comments she’s received when it comes to mixing motherhood with being a professional athlete. And while some might feel that becoming a parent makes you lose focus on the sport, for her the opposite is true. “When I got pregnant, it never once crossed my mind that I wasn’t going to have a career. If anything, it made me want to work even harder. I hope our daughter can look back someday and see the hard work her parents put in to make their dreams a reality and realize she can do the same.”

This past April Rachel announced on Instagram that their second child is due later this year, in true farm girl fashion with a picture of her large animal vet performing an ultrasound. She tells us “I look forward to continuing to pursue my golf career with another daughter or son. Gemelia...already has plans on sharing a room and changing diapers! We are lucky parents!”

We intend to keep following along on the next wonderful and crazy chapter that awaits!