Start the School Year Right With Our Favorite Furniture for Small Spaces

Start the school year right with our favorite furniture for small spaces
Going back to school this fall may look a little different than in years past. But whether you’re staying put or moving, we believe you can make your space feel like home without spending your entire savings to do it. Zinus sofas, beds and tables are carefully designed to add serious personality to your space, no matter its size. You’d be surprised at how many of them are the perfect fit for oddly shaped nooks or small corners. Oh, and all of them also happen to be seriously affordable (because despite what you’ve heard, you can’t just live off of ramen noodles in college). Keep reading to see some of our personal back-to-school favorites.

Sofas and loveseats that’ll make you really want to live in your living area

Upon first glance, our Zinus sofa and loveseat collection has something for everyone, from sleek and polished to more traditional to bold and trendsetting. But look a little closer, and you’ll find that all of them have more than just good looks going for them. Each one is crafted with dense foam cushioning for seating and lounging that’s soft, inviting and supportive. With lots of different sizes to pick from, you can find one that fits even in the most spatially challenged areas.


Craving some color? Our vibrant Mikhail Sofa comes in an eye-catching ruby red hue that was made to be seen. Plus, all of our sofars are packed in a slim, easy-to-maneuver box that’ll be your best friend on moving day. And every single one can be assembled in less than 30 minutes (most of them without tools).

Platform beds with function, style and absolutely no fuss

Talk about selection, our diverse array of platform beds literally has something for everyone. All of them are made with the best quality materials, like solid wood with unique knots and patterns, sophisticated foam padded upholstery and boldly distinct steel. And when it’s time to move from one place to the next, you’ll be thankful that you chose one of these, because none of them require the extra help of a bulky box spring. Setting one up with the tools and simple instructions we provide couldn’t be easier, and the compact box we ship it in can be carried into the bedroom without breaking a sweat.

paul bed frame with girl

The simple silhouette and intricate wood grain of our Paul Platform Bed add warmth and polish to just about any room (without trying too hard).

Desks and tables to perfect your dining area or home office setup

In your first home away from home, you likely don’t have the luxury of a detached office space or formal dining room. But even when you’re working with just a cramped corner of your bedroom or a few square feet of your kitchen, plenty of our tables and desks are crafted with smaller spaces in mind. Whether it’s a small desk for working from home on that term paper or a compact dining table to grab a bite at between classes, we specialize in offering you tablespace that doesn’t take over.

betsy desk

Transform any surface into your workstation with our Penny Standing Desk. With a spring-loaded lifting system, his height adjustable desk enables you to work on your feet.