The Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2022, According to Interior Stylist Julie Sousa

The Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2022, According to Interior Stylist Julie Sousa

With spring cleaning season right around the corner, many of us get excited to think about how we can refresh our homes for the year ahead. So to get some sure-to-impress decorating ideas, we asked interior stylist and founder of Avant Garde Home, Julie Sousa, to tell us what home decor trends will be popular this year. And her top recommendations will give you some serious inspiration, whether you’re looking to make dramatic changes or just a few simple upgrades.

What color palettes are in this year?

So long, all-white interiors. According to Julie, 2022’s prevailing color schemes could go one of two ways—bright and bold or warm and earthy. “We’ll see more bold color schemes such as greens and pinks, purples and greens, or yellows and pinks, as well as warmer, earthier palettes with tones like green, sage, brown, and tan.” She also points out that muted shades of sage have been identified as the color of the year by some of the biggest interior paint companies, further signaling that a shift toward earthier shades is imminent.

design color palette for 2022

Delicate and versatile, our Athena Upholstered Platform Bed Frame elevates any setting and pairs especially well with a bright and bold color palette. And our Lauren Sofa, with its pear green upholstery and mid-toned wood legs, is exactly the kind of earthy tone staple to incorporate into a more naturalistic interior.

Get back to nature with organic textures and materials

Also something that should be on your trend radar for this year? Julie predicts that “earthen materials, such as stone, medium to dark toned woods, and ceramic vases with a handmade look and feel” will be prevalent. Additionally, woven textiles like jute, rattan, or bouclé will continue to be popular and help complement this kind of aesthetic. The darker finishes of our solid wood Linda and Marissa Deluxe Platform Beds are a beautiful addition to this mix of materials.

organic textures and materials for 2022 home design

Think out of the box with unique furniture silhouettes

“We’re seeing a trend towards furniture with lots of sculptural curves and more asymmetrical or organic shapes,” Julie tells us. “People will be choosing aesthetics over function for a bit…” To give your space that extra bit of oomph while still keeping things approachable, opt for a crescent sofa or scalloped headboard and combine it with a more earthy, natural color scheme. Our Charlotte Platform Bed Frame perfectly fits the bill in this kind of roomscape.

Use lighting to make a statement

Another way to accentuate a room? Julie recommends “LED lighting incorporated in more elevated ways, like beneath or behind furniture pieces.” Unique lighting pieces, like sculptural floor lamps, light ropes, and milk glass lamps are also going to be a trend in 2022. The clean, contemporary lines of our Logan Sectional Sofa adds contrast to curvy silhouetted lamps or sconces.

lighting design trends for 2022

We all know that trends come and go. That’s why Julie recommends to “keep foundational pieces timeless and neutral. Get creative with the things that are less costly to change such as decor, throw pillows, or DIY artwork that you can easily change up when the trend dies.”