The No-Stress Way to Prepare for Holiday Guests

The No-Stress Way to Prepare for Holiday Guests

It’s no secret that hosting friends or family for the holidays, especially overnight ones, can add more stress to the festivities. So before those visitors come knocking, using our guest room ideas and simple tips below will help you play host and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Clean up and declutter

This first one seems obvious, but if overlooked, it can make the rest of your preparations that much harder. So well in advance of hosting your guests, take time to deep clean some of the more frequently used common areas. This means bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, and entry way, in addition to the guest rooms where people will stay the night. Go the extra mile by cleaning the mattresses they’ll sleep on and your living room furniture too. Trust us, you’ll reap the rewards of your effort well after your visitors have left.

Cutting clutter is also an essential part of getting the house ready. Resetting your home and turning it into essentially a blank canvas before setting out food, linens, or other amenities makes a world of difference. When doing this, consider clearing up walkways and areas of high traffic in your home, like the entryway or kitchen. Rearrange furniture where needed so people don’t have to navigate tight corners or narrow pathways while holding onto their holiday bites and beverages.

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Ready the guest room (or makeshift sleeping quarters)

If you have a dedicated guest room, prepare it with extras that your out-of-towners might need, like additional towels, pillows, and blankets. Ensure that the space is well lit and has accessible outlets for their devices (a USB compatible bed really ups the convenience factor in this situation). And don’t forget to make some room in your dresser drawers or the closet so everyone can easily unpack and settle in.

If you’re turning your office or living room into a temporary guest space, you can still create a semi-private area by using a room divider, curtain, or bookcase to section things off. Be sure to clear off the nearest end table or desktop so they have space for their bedside essentials, and offer a space heater or fan depending on the time of year. In addition to freshly laundered sheets and blankets, a welcome basket with towels, toiletries, snacks, and even your Wi-Fi password can be an extra thoughtful touch.

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Stock the kitchen and plan your menu

While you’re probably already prepping for a large feast or two, don’t forget about the snacks and quick meals that your visitors will need in between. Include easy go-to snacks on your shopping list, like granola bars, trail mix, jerky, or fruit, and put them out on the counter where everyone can easily grab them without needing to ask. Create an easily accessible station for making coffee, tea, and hot chocolate and stock the fridge doors with cold drinks as well.

And of course, be sure to plan out larger meals in advance with an organized grocery list and a pre-shopping sweep of your pantry and fridge. Allow some time in the days prior to chop and pre-measure your ingredients so you have less to manage on the day of. If you’re looking for some tasty recipes to begin with, our 2020 holiday recipes blog has a few of our tried and true favorites.

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Roll out the welcome wagon with cozy & festive touches

Now comes the fun part. Once all the essentials are covered, it’s time to break out your collection of snuggly holiday throw pillows, put up the tree, and set out your welcome mat. Decorate with anything that would make your home a place you’d like to stay at for a while, whether that means cozy blankets, board games, a warmly lit fireplace, or a candy dish on every surface! And if you’re in need of a little inspiration, feel free to use some of our winter decor ideas and table decorating tips to get started.