What Is a Zinus Mattress Made Of?

What Is a Zinus Mattress Made Of?

Although we make it look easy to deliver you an incredibly comfortable mattress like it’s a flawlessly executed 4 course meal, at Zinus we’ve taken years to perfect the ingredients that go into each one. Our foam and spring layers are the real MVPs of each mattress we create, whether foam, spring, or hybrid. Our team of design experts carefully layer them together to create a range of mattresses for different folks—from extra soft, to firm, to cooling, to joint-pain-alleviating. It’s pretty amazing what you can create when your building blocks are this good.

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What is Green Tea Memory Foam?

It's the foam we’re known for. Our proprietary green tea infusion is added into all the memory foam we produce, and features natural green tea with purified charcoal. Together, these ingredients keep your mattress fresh for the long haul, letting you wake up on a mattress that feels brand new every single morning. And let’s talk about the wonder of memory foam itself.

Developed by NASA originally, it’s known for its incredibly plush feel and ability to respond to heat and pressure. This means when your body sinks into it, you get a gentle hug from your mattress and your joints and spine get the support they need without being forced into an unnatural position. This is why memory foam is known to relieve pressure points, making it a dream particularly for joint and back pain sufferers.

Our most loved mattresses that feature green tea memory foam are our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Green Tea Luxe Memory Foam Mattress, and Cooling Green Tea Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

What is Zinus Comfort Foam®?

We named our Zinus Comfort Foam® for its soft and consistent feel. Similar to memory foam, it molds to your body’s shape, but unlike memory foam, it has less of that sink-in feeling. So if you don’t care for a “hug” from your mattress, but would still like the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam, a mattress topped with comfort foam will give you just what you’re looking for. Find comfort foam in our Comfort Support Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress and our customer favorite Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam Mattress.

What is Zinus Rebound Foam™?

Perhaps you enjoy a little more springiness in your foam mattress. Zinus Rebound Foam™ was created to mimic more expensive latex, with a soft feel that’ll cushion you as you lie down but bounce back into shape immediately once you reposition. Especially for those that like to switch up their position several times during the night, this foam will quickly respond without any lingering impressions left on the surface.

What is Zinus Fusion Foam?

Since we own every step of our mattress manufacturing process, we’re able to efficiently repurpose the excess foam we produce and turn it into zero-waste Zinus Fusion Foam. This unique combination of base, memory, and comfort foams results in a denser feel that’s well suited as a supportive, structural layer between softer foams and base foam or springs.

What is Zinus Base Foam™?

Mattress foam is a very dynamic material, so not all types are crafted to feel like a fluffy cloud. Zinus Base Foam™ is what we use to create a solid foundation for your mattress. It’s densely crafted and often found at the bottom of a mattress with memory foam top to provide the stability needed for pressure-relief, edge support, and long-term dependability. And frankly, it adds the structural integrity your mattress needs to sit evenly and support you without caving in. Every Zinus memory foam mattress begins with this fundamental foam.

What is a Support Coil System?

The choice between a memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattress depends on a lot of factors, but if you enjoy a good spring mattress, something with our Support Coil System could be right up your alley. Similar to base foam, support coils form the bottom layer of a spring or hybrid mattress with their ultra-durable network of interconnected steel springs. As a continuous coil structure, the Support Coil System responds differently than foam when weight is applied to it, and is known for its evenness, consistent support, and longevity. You can find a support coil system in our Tight Top Spring Mattress and Euro Top Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress.

What is an Independent Coil System?

Our Independent Coil System, on the other hand, is formed with a system of individually wrapped or “pocketed” steel springs that can move separately from one another. When weight is applied to one, it compresses without affecting the rest of the mattress coils surrounding it. For this reason, this kind of base can mold itself to the sleeper’s shape for excellent pressure-relief and spinal alignment.

Topped off with some memory or comfort foam, independent coils can adapt dynamically to all kinds of sleeping positions. Plus, they help isolate motion, meaning your partner, pets, or kids can toss, turn, or jump around while your side of the bed remains undisturbed. Our Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil® Hybrid Mattress and Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil® Hybrid Mattress are our best selling options.

How do we add even more benefits to our mattresses?

In order to further tailor our mattresses for different types of sleepers, many of our foams are customizable. We can mold or shape them for added benefits, like the targeted pressure-relief of our TorsoTec® system or enhanced airflow of our patented 7-zone ventilation technology. We also have a line of premium infusions up our sleeve, like copper and cooling gel. Many of them are naturally derived and have innate qualities that enhance sleep. Start shopping for your perfect night's rest with our mattress collection.