What Makes a Smartbase Bed Frame So Smart?

What Makes a Smartbase Bed Frame So Smart?

Traditionally, a bed is made up of three components—a mattress, box spring and simple bed frame. That is, until we found a better way to build a bed. Years ago, Zinus pioneered the SmartBase® to replace your cumbersome box spring and frame with one slim and streamlined foundation that effortlessly supports and even extends the life of your mattress. We developed this ultra-durable and super functional design with the goal of building an all-inclusive base that saves you time, space and money. Since then, we’ve continued to innovate it, expanding our product line to include versions that can suit a variety of different bedrooms, preferences and individuals.

What makes the SmartBase® so extraordinary, you ask? We think it boils down to five key benefits.

1. No box spring needed

That’s right, our SmartBase® is built with steel wires and bars that offer up incomparable support for any latex, spring or memory foam mattress, sans the bulky box spring.

heavy duty smartbase

2. Under-the-bed clearance space

A typical bed frame and box spring combination would leave you with little to no clearance beneath the bed. We’ve designed our SmartBases® to give you back the vertical space that a box spring would typically occupy, making it the perfect spot to store things like extra boxes, linens, shoes or luggage.

box spring and smartbase difference

Of course, if storage space isn’t a concern for you, our Low Profile SmartBase® offers all the other benefits of a SmartBase® with a sleek, modern look and 5-inch height that’s perfect for taller mattresses.

3. Strength and stability

Every SmartBase® is made with a thick steel frame and multiple points of contact with the floor for unwavering durability that doesn’t disappoint. In fact, every one of our SmartBase® models can support at least 1500 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

4. Simple assembly

Most of our SmartBases® require minimal setup time, if any at all. Plus, we pack them with everything you need to make assembly as speedy and seamless as possible (even if you’re not especially handy).

5. Convenience and safety

SmartBase® mattress foundations come with extra safety and convenience features that make using them all the more effortless. Some models feature recessed legs or leg padding that help prevent stubbed toes. Improved welding promotes long-lasting, squeak-free use. And plastic leg caps protect your floors from scratches. Despite being immensely strong and functional, the SmartBase® doesn’t skimp one bit on the details.