A Guide to Mattress Sizes and How to Choose One for You

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If you're in the market for a new mattress, chances are you’ve come across the choice of two common types -- innerspring or memory foam. Here at Zinus, we’re all about research for the sake of getting your best possible night’s sleep. And oftentimes, simple details like bed size can make a world of difference. So in the spirit of our ever evolving quest for better zzz’s, let’s begin with the basics. Use our mattress size chart below as a starting point to choose your ideal fit.

U.S. Bed Sizes

mattress size guide

Twin: 39” W x 75” L (99.1 cm x 190.5 cm)

Twin XL: 39” W x 80” L (99.1 cm x 203 cm)

Full: 54” W x 75” L (137 cm x 190.5 cm)

Queen: 60” W x 80” L (152.5 cm x 203 cm)

King: 76” W x 80” L (193 cm x 203 cm)

California King: 72” W x 84” L (183 cm x 213.5 cm)

Still unsure? Here are a few ways that each size is commonly used:

Twin: Best for children under 12, bunk beds and day beds.

Twin XL: The most common size in dorm rooms, and ideal for teenagers and single adult sleepers who have limited space. And, if you plan to expand your sleeping arrangements in the future, two of these can be put together to form a standard king.

Full: Well suited for single adults, petite couples or guest rooms.

Queen: Most often used by average sized couples, space-loving single adults and pet owners.

King: Ideal for larger rooms, and loved by couples and co-sleeping families.

California King: Preferred by big and tall couples as well as families.

And one bonus size

A short queen size (commonly referred to as an RV mattress) is made to fit most RVs, trailers and campers. It measures 60 inches wide like a standard queen, but is only 74 inches long to accommodate limited available space.

Size Matters. Here’s Why.

Ultimately, your comfort is priority one when it comes to choosing the best mattress size. Maybe you’re moving into a new home, growing your family or just find yourself needing a little more room to sprawl out these days. Whatever your reasons for wanting a change, it makes good sense to assess your specific needs (along with your constraints) before purchasing. Here are a few questions to ask first:

How many sleepers are there?

An obvious one, right? Well, yes and no. Although many of us sleep either alone or with a partner, consider those that may also make an appearance from time to time. Do your pets prefer to cuddle with you at night? Do your kids have nightmares often? If your motto is the more, the merrier, perhaps sizing up from your full to a queen would be more comfortable for you, your new husband and his co-dependent cat.

Which mattress size is best for my body type?

Vertically blessed? Opt for a twin XL or even a seven-foot long Cal king for plenty of wiggle room. And if you or your sleeping partner are on the wider side, a regular king will offer a little more width over a Cal king so that you’re just close enough for comfort.

How much room space do you have?

Although a grandiose king bed might sound impressive in your master bedroom, it could become a burden (and even a trip hazard) if you don’t have the square footage to spare. Perhaps queen mattress dimensions would suffice and leave you with enough room to breathe. It’s worth it to take some measurements and lay down an outline on the floor. Yes, break out the white tape as if your bed was part of a crime scene. Use this guideline to get an idea of how crowded the area might be, furniture and all, and gauge how much empty space will be left for yoga, dance-offs and practicing your cartwheels.

What are your sleeping (and relaxing) preferences?

Sleeping positions are as individual as our personalities. A twin XL size could be great for a single adult that sleeps pretty soundly and doesn’t move around too much at night. And contrary to popular belief, an average sized couple actually can fit into a full size bed, as long as they enjoy cuddling! Yet there are many single adults, couples and families that prefer larger sizes due to their sleeping habits. Active sleepers that don’t want to intrude on their partner’s space will require at least a queen size bed, and many single adults just get better sleep in a full or queen size, even those on the more petite side.

Additionally, think about the time you spend in bed while you’re not sleeping. If your bed often becomes your home office, and you tend to pile up paperwork, books and devices around you, choose a size larger than you think you’ll need. Same goes if you like to use it as a spot to enjoy a movie night with friends. The size of a mattress should suit all the ways that you intend to use it, beyond just catching zzz’s (and who are we to judge?).

What is your budget?

Aside from just setting a spending limit for your new mattress, keep in mind the extras that must fall into your overall budget, like a frame, box spring and bedding. As you would expect, the larger the bed, the higher the cost. But this doesn’t mean the right bed has to drain your bank account. Here at Zinus we make it our business to create reasonably priced, well-made mattresses and beds in all sizes (big and small), so you never have to sacrifice comfort for affordability.

Which sizes are most widely available?

One last consideration worth mentioning is whether the mattress size you choose will be easy to shop for. Many bedding and furniture makers stick to the four widely known sizes - twin, full, queen and king. Although not impossible to find, keep in mind that twin XL and Cal king accessories could require some extra digging to discover. If your tastes tend to lean towards premium bedding or antique furniture finds, opt for one of the four main sizes.

All in all, investing in a new mattress is a bit like entering into a long term relationship. The best choice will always be a supportive partner that accepts you just the way you are (sleep-kickboxing habits and all) and sees you through all seasons of life. If you’re ready to go all in, then our work is done. But if you’re still not ready to commit, our memory foam vs. spring article or our Find Your Perfect Mattress quiz can help guide your head, heart and wallet in the right direction.