SmartBase® Heavy Duty Mattress Foundation

The Heavy Duty SmartBase® is even stronger than your Monday morning coffee. Engineered with heavy duty steel and multiple points of contact with the floor, this frame is built tough enough to support up to 4400 lbs. With a frame this sturdy, you can bet that your mattress will be optimally supported for the long haul with absolutely no sagging.

  • Durable metal frame
  • Ample storage space underneath
  • Fast, easy assembly with no tools
100-night trial
Free shipping
5-year warranty

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You can attach a headboard to all of the Zinus SmartBases using the SmartBase headboard brackets. A footboard is not applicable for this product.

There are subtle but noticeable differences in our SmartBase options with respect to under-bed clearance and overall structure height. Elite: Made with heavy duty steel 14-inches high with 13-inch clearance. Deluxe: 2 non-slip pads are included for stability 16-inches high with 15-inch clearance. Premium: 18-inches high with 17-inch clearance.

SmartBase® frames are compact and can be folded up easily for moving, storing, and traveling!