Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
Steel Grey Modern Loveseat
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Sunny Modern Loveseat

Being comfy has never looked as good as this sleek and stylish loveseat. Can play the co-star to its Modern Sofa counterpart or take center stage on its own as the star of your living room show.


Features Background image alt Under-20-Minute Assembly
Under-20-Minute Assembly

Simple + Quick

Easily assembles in minutes and totally tool-free.

The hardest part of assembly is removing your Zinus from the box. A slide here, a turn there, and it’s ready faster than an episode of your favorite sitcom. Plus, it disassembles just as quickly for moving and redecorating.

Background image alt Single Box Shipping
Single Box Shipping

Packed + Ready

Even our biggest items arrive efficiently in one box.

For the fastest and most efficient delivery that saves you time and money, Zinus engineers most products to fit snugly in one single box. You might think a part is missing, but it’s there! Look in zippered compartments or pockets. And try doing something crazy—reading the directions! It’s all in there, and it’s all ready to become the newest part of your place.

Background image alt Tufting

Style + Quality

The difference is in the details.

The difference is in the details. Believe it or not, those little tufts do far more than just class up your sitting quarters. Tufting also has the benefit of added comfort, keeping cushioning inside from shifting and creating awkward and unsightly bumps. Easy on the eyes, easier on your backside.

Background image alt Pocketed Spring Base
Pocketed Spring Base

Strength + Support

Put a little spring in your seat.

We all need a little extra support now and then. And sofas are no different. Which is why we went the pocketed spring route – the best route – for added support in the base of the sofa and (no pun intended) that extra spring in your seat.

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Need to know more?

Materials, thickness, weight and more.

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Sunny Modern Loveseat

Color: Steel Grey

Dimensions: 54.33 x 30.71 x 33.46 in

Weight: 71.4 lbs

Foam and Fiber Cushions

Polyester Fabric Cover

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We’ll ship your new sofa for free. Our friends at FedEx will makes sure it gets to you. See, easy AND awesome.

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100-Night Trial

Sitting is believing. So we’re giving you 100 risk-free days to try out any Zinus Sofa.

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We’ve got your back. That’s why every Zinus sofa is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

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Tales from the Box

A little bit of wonder shipped right to your door with the Zinus Mid-Century Sofa.